We can install a brick mailbox pillar that is impervious to snow plowsNever lose your mailbox again!

Are you tired of replacing your mailbox every spring? Hoping that it will hold up through the wintertime? Snow plows in the Northeast absolutely destroy mailboxes, and most towns will not replace them "unless the plow hits them." Then they want proof that the plow hit it and not just the snow.

End this annual headache forever. Cantone & Sons Mason Contractors can install a permanent mailbox pillar that is absolutely impervious to the snow from the snow plow! Designed of brick or stone, this pillar will, forever, protect your mail box and also beautify your home with a solid pillar that will stand the test of time.

Handcrafted Beauty

We offer stone mailbox pillarsOur mailbox pillars are made of brick and stone and we have a wide array of styles to choose from. Each one will be hand-crafted to beautify your home and to provide you with a safe, stylish and will truly last a lifetime. These mailboxes have a sloping capstone that will shed water and truly make your mailbox impervious to the elements. And our customers love these mailbox pillars, as they save them from any worry about snow plows or any other problem that may arise.

These pillars are as beautiful as they are functional and set your mailbox at the correct height and distance from your street. They are postal service approved and you will always get your mail delivered. Never again will you have to pick up your mailbox or worry about whether or not the Post Office will deliver. Your mailbox will be impervious to all of the elements and will be a permanent addition to the beauty of your home.

Simply contact Cantone & Sons Mason Contractors and we'll install your pillar right away. You will never have to worry about your mailbox again.