Patios and hardscapes

Whether it is brick, paver or natural stone, Cantone & Sons Mason Contractors is your natural choice for your patio or hardscape. We correctly construct your hardscape to keep it free of weeds and insects. We also properly seat each paver, brick or stone so that it does not heave, stays level and retains its beauty. Your optimal outdoor living experience begins with Cantone & Sons.

Bluestone Patio And Steps
  • Bluestone Patio And Steps
    This bluestone raised porch features steps that suit perfectly
  • Bluestone Patio
    The bluestone porch offers beauty to this home.
  • Goodspeed Opera House Patio
    This patio was built as a part of Cantone & Sons restoration and preservation of the Goodspeed Opera House
  • Newport Patio 1 Before
    Preparing for a patio
  • Newport Patio 3 Before
    We level all surfaces and build from there, providing sloping for drainage
  • Newport Patio 4 Before
    Pavers and materials before the hardscape is constructed
  • Newport Patio 5 Before
    We work to not disturb your existing landscaping
  • Newport Patio Before
    Preparing the surface an creating a border between the patio and the driveway
  • Newport Patio 1 After
    This patio provides a wonderful outdoor space around this home
  • Newport Patio 3 After
    The border between the patio and the driveway creates definition.
  • Newport Patio After
    Furniture on this patio creates a wonderful outdoor living space, close to the home
  • Side Walkway Pavers
    A walkway down the side of the house, sloping properly away from the structure to provide drainage.
  • Walkway Pavers
    A paver walkway can create an entryway to your back yard area
  • Side Yard Pavers
    Finishing touches on the side walkway.
  • Patio With Firepit
    An outdoor living room with a firepit
  • Patio With Wall
    This patio has a curved border to the yard with a sitting wall
  • Patio With Wall (2)
    The sitting wall ends in a column and offers an entryway to the yard
  • Paver Entryway
    This entryway is built out of pavers that feature color all the way through them, so that it will look the same for a lifetime
  • Double Patio
    This patio in this duplex may be enjoyed by both tenants.
  • Walkway Around Steps
    Cantone & Sons created this patio and the steps to it.
  • Close Up Pavers
    Pavers, when properly set stay level and beautiful. We only choose pavers that maintain their color over the years.
  • Back Stairs
    The best entry onto your hardscape is steps. Let Cantone & Sons create your entry.
  • Bluestone Steps provide a beautiful and functional entry to your patio
    With these bluestone steps, your patio is accessible and has a great walkout.
  • Outdoor Living with a pizza oven
    Elegant outdoor living with a custom pizza oven on your patio.

Bluestone Patio And Steps