A walkout that is safe and beautiful and will last for years enhances any property. Whether it is the entrance to your home or the entrance to your outdoor living space, let Cantone & Sons Mason Contractors show you how beautiful it can be.

Bluestone Steps to the patio
  • Bluestone Steps to the patio
    These bluestone steps to the patio provide beauty and function.
  • Before steps close
    These old concrete steps are crumbling
  • After front close shot of bluestone steps
    The front entrance to this home is beautiful and functional as well as safe.
  • After shot new steps
    Cantone and Sons Mason Contractors replaced the old concrete steps with beautiful bluestone-topped steps that add interest.
  • After steps view from the side
    These steps add interest and beauty to this entryway
  • Before steps wide shot
    and these steps add nothing to the home

Bluestone Steps to the patio